Most of my research can be found here. You can read my Ph.D. dissertation or the research memoir (i.e. an extended reflective statement) associate professors are required to write before being allowed to apply for a full professorship in France. Both works are in French, but quite a few of the articles found here are in English.

L’essentiel de mes travaux de recherche figure sur cette page. Vous pouvez y lire ma thèse ou prendre connaissance de mon mémoire d’habilitation à diriger des recherches.

I focus on two major research areas, the uses of the Internet in the public and private spheres on the one hand, and diaries and autobiography on the other hand. I’ve carried out extensive research on self-representational writing, from its origins to its contemporary transformations on the Internet. In several essays and in a 2004 book, The Mirror and the Veil: An Overview of American Online Diaries and Blogs, visible here , I analyzed the multiple dimensions and the distinctive characteristics of diaristic writing.

In my most recent book, Donato Manduzio’s Diary, from Church to Synagogue (2017), visible here , I studied religious conversion diaries through the lens of literary and sociological analytic categories.

My papers cover four inter-related areas. Click on publications to check them out.

Mes articles couvrent quatre domaines, tous regroupés sous la rubrique publications :

political uses of the Internet
les usages d’Internet en politique

private uses of the Internet
les usages personnels d’Internet

class use of IT
les usages pédagogiques des TIC

social representations of the Internet
les représentations d’Internet