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Review of The Mirror and The Veil - Cambridge Journal of American Studies

Dimanche 24 février 2008
Excerpt :

“Overall this book is a persuasive attempt to integrate online autobiographical texts into mainstream academic research. . . .  It is to be hoped that future scholars will continue the fascinating work begun here.”

Trevor Burnard, Sussex University.

Journal of American Studies (2005), 39: 344-345 Cambridge University Press

Review of The Mirror and The Veil - The European English Messenger

Dimanche 24 février 2008


“Serfaty’s study is an important contribution to current research into the nature, structure and function of online diaries and blogs. Although the discussion is based mainly within a framework of literary criticism, readers with no literary background are also given a useful overview of the important theories and historical development of the genre.”

Dorota Smyk-Bhattacharjee , The European English Messenger (2005), 14.1:  84-85.

Social Science Research Network - Review of The Mirror and the Veil

Dimanche 24 février 2008

José Angel Garcia Landa. Review of The Mirror and the Veil: An Overview of American Online Diaries and Blogs. By Viviane Serfaty. Atlantis 27.1 (June 2005): 117-122. 


This is a review of Viviane Serfaty’s landmark study of personal online diaries and personal blogs, with special attention to the micropolitics of self-representation in computer-mediated communication, the transformation of intimacy in the age of Internet, and the American tradition of individuality.

Available at SSRN:

L’Internet en politique, des Etats-Unis à l’Europe

Dimanche 24 février 2008

Sélection “Livre du mois”par - novembre 2002